February 21, 2010, 3 p.m.


Mrs. H. H. A. Beach (1867-1944)


 David Schneider, clarinet  * Kirsten Lipkens, oboe

 Maria Scotera, flute * Will Safford, bassoon

 Chris Mortensen, horn 



Stella Viatoris    


Laura Jenkins, soprano,

Sarah Briggs, violin, Wayne Smith, cello,    

 and Monica Jakuc Leverett, piano


Edward MacDowell (1860-1908)

Indian Idyl, from New England Idyls, Op. 65


Curt Cacioppo (b. 1951)

From Pawnee Preludes (1981, rev. 1994)

The Buffalo and the Crow

The Woman Imitates the Buffalo

I Hear the Sound of a Child Crying


Arthur Farwell (1872-1952)

From From Mesa and Plain, Op. 20

Wa-Wan Choral

Pawnee Horses

Ms. Jakuc Leverett


Charles Ives (1874-1954)

Violin Sonata No. 4,

‘Children’s Day at the Camp Meeting’

Allegro * Largo w Allegro

  Sarah Briggs, violin, and Ms. Jakuc Leverett    



Refreshments in the Conservatory



Aaron Copland (1900-1990)


Mr. Schneider and Ms. Jakuc Leverett


Piano Blues, Nos. 1-3

 Edward Rosser, piano



 Ms. Jenkins and Ms. Jakuc Leverett


Samuel Barber (1910-1981), Dover Beach

 David Perkins, baritone, and the Amherst String Quartet

 Amy Bateman, violin, Hillary Tanaka, violin

Anna Griffis, viola , Wayne Smith, ’cello