House Concert at the Home of Monica Jakuc Leverett


Florence, MA

October 5, 2008


Ludwig van Beethoven, An die ferne Geliebete

Peter W. Shea, tenor, and Monica Jakuc Leverett, piano


Mauro Giuliani, Variations of “Follies d’Espagne”

William Ghezzi, guitar


Franz Schubert, Die Sterne

David Perkins, baritone, and Olga Gaybaryan, piano


Franz Schubert,  Mignon und der Harfner

Jane Hanson, mezzo-soprano, Mr. Shea, and Ms. Jakuc Leverett


Frederic Chopin, Nocturne in C-minor

Ms. Gaybaryan


Robert Schumann, Duets from “Spanisches Liederspiel”

Erste Begegnung: Del rosal vengo, mia madre

Ms. Hanson and Laura Jenkins, soprano, with Mr. Rosser

Intermezzo: Si dormis, doncella

Mr. Shea and Mr. Perkins, Mr. Rosser


Claude Debussy, Bruyeres

Mr. Rosser


Claude Debussy, Syrinx

Maria Scotera, flute


Johannes Brahms, Piano Trio in C minor – Andante gracioso

Ms. Jakus Leverett, Sarah Briggs, violin, and Volcy Pelletier, ‘cello